San Diego Skyline

A view of the San Diego skyline from across the bay. We certainly are a boating community!


Office View

This is the view from my beautiful office in Downtown, San Diego. I am one lucky lady!! The bridge in the distance is the Coronado Bridge which we take to get to Coronado Island. I believe Coronado is one of the most expensive places to live on the California West Coast.
The 11,179-foot-long bridge ascends from Coronado at a 4.67 percent grade before curving 80 degrees toward San Diego. The span reaches a maximum height of 200 feet (61m), allowing the U.S. Navy ships which operate out of the nearby Naval Station San Diego to pass underneath it. The five-lane bridge featured the longest box girder in the world until it was surpassed by a bridge in Chongqing, China in 2008. The bridge does not form a direct path to Coronado, but rather has a curve. This was done so it would be high enough for all U.S. Navy ships to pass underneath but not too steep for vehicles to ascend and descend. Construction on the San Diego–Coronado Bay Bridge started in February 1967, and opened to traffic on August 3, 1969, during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego