Heaven Bound

LaJolla Presbyterian Church @ 7715 Draper Ave in La Jolla is a lovely church, located across the street from the La Jolla Tennis club and down the street from my favorite public library. On our walk, we saw this seagull on top of the church cross.
When I went to their web site, I came across the "bible verse of the day"~

The way of the LORD is a refuge for the righteous, but it is the ruin of those who do evil.
Proverbs 10:29


Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Nancy!
Fabulous shot, and this blue sky is really stunning!
Great detail in this shot, I mean about the cute "bird"!
Have a nice week
Your friend

Lois said...

The seagull could not have picked a more perfect place to perch!

The Eejit said...

Looks like a rather more elaborate Presbyterian church than we have in Northern Ireland.
I really love that perfect blue sky!

Belated thanks for your visit and comment on my blog!

Paul said...

Very clear blue sky and I like the seagull who after all is one of gods creatures. Nice photo Nancy.

That is the chicken said...

What a great capture...lucky gull. What a wonderful place to view the world from!

Barb said...

Nancy,great pics and bible verse.Thank you so much for your prayers talk to you soon....Barb

gogouci said...

WOW ! Wonderful capture ! Beautiful blue skies too !

nanak said...

great capture!

Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful image in every possible sense.

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Absolutely gorgeous shots!!!!
At first glance, I thought they might have been from a California Mission... I did a search on Missions on SDDP and didn't find one. Hint, Hint.

...still working on the store


Very beautiful photos!

Vivingva said...

Wow! I love the pictures of the beautiful SD skies.