La Jolla

La Jolla is a wealthy seaside resort community, occupying seven miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla in Spanish means "The Jewel". It is the Jewel of San Diego. La Jolla is located 15 minutes from downtown and is pronounced /ləˈhɔjə/ "luh-HOY-uh". Although officially a part of San Diego, California, La Jolla retains its own small-town atmosphere and its own civic pride.


The Star of the Harbor

Star of India was built in 1863 as Euterpe, a full-rigged iron windjammer ship in Ramsey, Isle of Man. After a full career sailing from Great Britain to India then to New Zealand, she became a salmon hauler on the Alaska then to California route. After retirement in 1926, she was restored between 1962 and 1963 and is now a seaworthy museum ship ported at the San Diego Maritime Museum in San Diego. She is the oldest ship that still sails regularly and the oldest iron hulled merchant ship still floating. The ship is both a California and National Historic Landmark.


Wild Horses

Here are more of the steel scuptures found in Galleta Meadows Estates/Borrego Desert. Artist: Ricardo Breceda.


The Ocotillo

The ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) is a common desert plant found in the SouthWestestern part of the US and Northern Mexico. For much of the year, the plant looks like a bunch of spiny sticks but in the spring, if there has been enough rain, it becomes lush and has a show of orange/red blooms. It's a magnificent plant and looks quite impressive next to this handsome husband of mine ;)


Hidden Beauty

As I arrived home after a heck of a day, I had not yet published a post and did not even have one in mind. As I walked into the house with my hands full from the local market, I could not help but notice my "hidden" flowers in bloom. They were hidden behind the leaves that I pulled back to get this shot. So....before the glass of red wine, the cat escaping and the sun setting, I pulled out the camera and got this shot.

Have yourself a great weekend!



I work right next to the ocean and from time to time, I force myself away from the office and take a walk on the beach.

On this particular day, I had my camera with me and saw a dolphin. It's funny how I can complain about my job or life but when I really take a close look at what I have I feel so completely blessed.

I hope you find something in your day that makes you feel appreciative.

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. -- Epictetus


Finger Painting

I admire the tile work done by local San Diego artists on these benches downtown. By the looks of it, a few are done in the classic style of finger painting which tells me that the budding artists must be quite young. I'm happy to see local artists displaying their artwork throughout San Diego County no matter what age.

For some fantastic tile work visit David Lorell Hoskins of SparkleMirror's web site. ~ http://sparklemirror.blogspot.com/


Lord Hornblower

As we were walking along the harbor, it was grey and cold. The only sun that was out was shining on the Hornblower. Lord Hornblower, completely refurbished in 2005, is a re-creation of a turn-of-the-century coastal steamer, known for luxurious interiors and spacious salons. You can rent it out for parties and receptions. My cousin had her wedding reception on this yacht and it was fantastic.



FedEx @ SanDiego International Airport

FedEx Corp., the world’s largest cargo airline, suffered its first fatal accident with the crash of a Boeing Co. MD-11 jet at Tokyo’s Narita airport that killed both pilots.

Upon hearing the tragic news last night we were devastated. My husband is part of this community so it really hit home. He also flies freight.

Our heart felt sorrow goes out to the families and loved ones of the pilots. God Bless.


Elephants in Borrego?

History is unfolding in Borrego Springs with the placement of the Gomphotherium free standing art structures. These creatures lived in the area about 3 million years ago. Dennis Avery, landowner of Galleta Meadows Estates has added 'free standing art', original steel welded sculptures created by Perris Jurassic Park's Ricardo Breceda.

Rumor has it that Avery (millionaire of Avery Labels) bought up all the land around Borrego to save it from developers. He then commisioned Ricardo Breceda for all the steel scuptures.

I think it is fantastic for someone like him to give back so much. I know if I ever need labels that I will be buying Avery Labels.


Desert Flower


Storm Canyon

One great thing about San Diego's location is that you have the ocean, mountains and desert all within an hour or two of each other. Here is an early morning photo taken from a view point in the mountains of Storm Canyon before we descended to the desert.

People have lived in San Diego County for over 10,000 years. Storm Canyon was one of the routes used by Kumeyaay/Diegueño people during their season migrations.

Some Kumeyaay/Diegueño bands lived in the mountains in the summer, then traveled to the desert to spend winter in the warmer climate. Every spring they carried baskets of dried fish, yucca, melons, beans, and other desert foodstuffs up the canyon to their summer mountain retreat.

In 1857, mail bound for San Diego traveled through Storm Canyon. A San Francisco newspaper joked about San Diego’s "Jackass Mail Route” and the name stuck.

Right below this viewing deck is The Pacific Crest Trail which is a 2,650 mile nature route from Mexico to Canada. For more information on the Pacific Crest Trail please click here.

Anza-Borrego Visitor Center

To get oriented and obtain information on weather and wildlife conditions, stop by the Visitors Information Center. Last weekend, there were park rangers and volunteers steering the many visitors to areas where the flowers were in bloom. Designed to keep cool during the desert's blazing hot summers, the information center is built underground, beneath a demonstration desert garden. A nature trail here takes you through a garden containing examples of most of the native flora and a little pupfish pond. 200 Palm Canyon Dr., Hwy. S22.

Hi temperatures reaching 120°F are not uncommon in the desert during the warmer months. The average July maximum is 110°F - and a 30°F difference possible between the often cloud covered western peaks and the parched deserts far below. Such is the heat in summer that the visitor center is open only on weekends, as far fewer people visit here than in the cooler seasons.



The wildflowers are in bloom in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, 1.5 hours east of San Diego. Jean Louis and I spent the weekend in the desert taking pictures with a friend of ours. What fun! I wish I had a picture of the stars at night.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California. Five-hundred miles of dirt roads, 12 wilderness areas and miles of hiking trails provide visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of the California Desert. The park is named after Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish name borrego, or bighorn sheep.

This year is a fantastic year for blooms which generally happens only twice per decade. Among the wildflowers currently in bloom in the park: brown-eyed primrose, sand verbena, desert sunflower, desert chicory, the elusive desert five-spot and the "holy grail" of desert wildflowers, the desert lily, distinguished by its undulating leaves. I was lucky enough to get some shots of the desert lily which I will show you tomorrow.

Urban Trees (final) ~ Tailwalking Suncatcher

Thanks for joining me on my urban trees series. These are just a few of the amazing sculptures on exhibit along the San Diego Harbor (Embarcadero). Tailwalking Suncatcher is one of my favorites as I love to fish. This is so beautiful close up. Thank you to all the artists for your beautiful work!! I will be showing you some more public art in a few days. Next exhibit will be from the Desert.

Directly behind, is The Star of India. She is the world's oldest active ship. She began her life on the stocks at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863.

In the center is one of a fleet of diesel electric submarines the Soviet Navy called “Project 641,” B-39 was commissioned in the early 1970s and served on active duty for more than 20 years.

To the far left is the HMS Surprise which is a magnificent replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is doing a fantastic job restoring and maintaining these historic vessels. For additional information please visit: http://www.sdmaritime.com


Urban Trees ~ A day in the Life

Urban Trees Series photo #9. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.

Artist: Meilisa Lim


Urban Trees ~ Stairway to Heaven

Urban Trees Series photo #8. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.


Urban Trees ~ Tree Hugger

Urban Trees Series photo #7. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.


Urban Trees ~ Sea and Sky

Urban Trees Series photo #6. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.

There currently is a grey whale lost in the San Diego Bay - for more of this story [click here]


Urban Trees ~ Lean on Me

Urban Trees Series photo #5. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.


Urban Trees ~ Californiascope

Urban Trees Series photo #4. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.

This darling child was quite ready to get his photo taken by a complete stranger...


Urban Trees - Two Tiers

Urban Trees Series photo #3. Urban Trees is a public art endeavor by the Port of San Diego.

Tears of Desire ~~~ Tiers of Understanding