San Diego is only 30 miles from the Mexican border. We have many Mexicans living here and Mexican food is certainly a favorite among many.

Jalapeños peppers are used a lot in Mexican dishes and I grow them in my garden. I was lazy and let them turn red which I read is inferior in markets compared to the green.

The jalapeño rates between 2,500 and 10,000 Scoville units in heat. In comparison with other chili peppers, the jalapeño has a heat level that varies from mild to hot depending on cultivation and preparation. The heat, which is caused by capsaicin and related compounds, is concentrated in the veins (placenta) surrounding the seeds, which are called picante. — deseeding and deveining can reduce the heat imparted to a recipe that includes jalapeños. They also have a distinct acidic taste. Handling fresh jalapeños may cause mild skin irritation in some individuals. Some handlers choose to wear latex or vinyl gloves while cutting, skinning, or seeding jalapeños. (thank you wikpedia.com)


Jilly said...

Oh my goodness, they look so good and what a super photo. The shine, the colours.

Thanks for comments, Nancy. Update on new dogs is on the Postcards from Pension Milou blog - another update next Thursday after Mistral is sterilized and hopefully no bad things found...thanks so much for yur support.

Gresham Photo Blog said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love growing peppers just for the cool variety of colors :)

Lessie said...

The red are prettier than the green, though! Would love to visit San Diego one day!