Belmont Park Roller Coaster

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the roller coaster at Belmont Park has been around a long time and anyone growing up in San Diego will have happy memories of riding it. Our neighbor friend's father work at this park so many times we would get special bracelets that allowed us to ride as many rides in a day as we wanted. My sister would take advantage of this and ride the roller coaster over and over again. I was not as tough - once was my limit.


The Belmont Park Roller Coaster is the oldest operating wooden roller coaster in America, and one of two remaining wooden coasters still operating on the West Coast.

The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster opened to the public on July 4, 1925. It was originally built as a key attraction for the 33-acre Mission Beach Amusement Center, which had opened just a few weeks earlier.

The entire project was the idea of sugar magnate, John D. Spreckels, a major force in San Diego's development. The 2600 ft. long coaster was created by the noted design team of Prior and Church. It was built in less than two months by local suppliers and a crew of between 100 and 150 workers. The original cost to build the coaster was $150,000.00, including the two, 18 passenger trains. (info from http://www.giantdipper.com/)


Guy D said...

Looks like alot of fun, great shots.

Have a great weekend!
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Bedse Caves said...

Nice to see the "before and after" photos :)

Tanya said...

I wish they would have left the old Belmont Park alone. I loved that place. Remember the Wild Mouse ride, or something like that, you went up in a tunnel, then around and around. That was one of my favorites!

Remember that radio station, can't think of the name now (I've been gone since 2001!) but they were giving away a car to the person who could stay on the coaster the longest?! Crazy!

Barb said...

I'm not much for rollercasters they scare me but I think I may have to give this one a try.Thanks for your sweet comments have a blessed day...Barb

brattcat said...
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brattcat said...

Your sister must have nerves of steel. (sorry about the removal and return...i misspelled 'your' the first time around.)

jean-louis said...

I love the vintage picture.Looks like people were more patient waiting their turn to ride the roller coaster than now!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

fun photos!!!

I lived very briefly in San Diego and loved the sunshine.