Ranger George

As we were taking in the beauty of Broken Hill, I heard a friendly voice behind me, "What a beautiful day!". There stood smiling Park Ranger, George Gonzalez. Ranger Gonzales proceeded to educate us on the the history of Torrey Pines. We were given the most informative private lecture at my favorite spot in San Diego! What a treat it was.

California State Park Rangers are fully sworn Peace Officers who perform a wide variety of law enforcement activities. Duties include interpretation of natural, historic and cultural resources, resource protection, park management, and patrol.

I want his job!

California State Parks contains the largest and most diverse natural and cultural heritage holdings of any state agency in the nation. State park units include underwater preserves, reserves, and parks; redwood, rhododendron, and wildlife reserves; state beaches, recreation areas, wilderness areas, and reservoirs; state historic parks, historic homes, Spanish era adobe buildings, including museums, visitor centers, cultural reserves, and preserves; as well as lighthouses, ghost towns, waterslides, conference centers, and off-highway vehicle parks. These parks protect and preserve an unparalleled collection of culturally and environmentally sensitive structures and habitats, threatened plant and animal species, ancient Native American sites, historic structures and artifacts . . . the best of California's natural and cultural history.

Responsible for almost one-third of California's scenic coastline, California State Parks manages the state's finest coastal wetlands, estuaries, beaches, and dune systems. Our workplace consists of nearly 1.4 million acres, with over 280 miles of coastline; 625 miles of lake and river frontage; nearly 15,000 campsites; and 3,000 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. (www.http://www.parks.ca.gov)


Barb said...

That's the kind of view every job should have....Barb

slim said...

This is a great post of Ranger Bob. Our Park Rangers serve an important function in preserving these special places for future generations.

Kim said...

I hiked through Torry Pines while in high school, and my first year in college I aspired to Fish and Game Management as my major, wishing to be like your ranger here. What a glorious day indeed!
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