The Ride

She rides life's carousel...
Muscially circling
Thru' glittering moments,
Ups and downs,
Blessings and heartaches.
The Carousel forever plays
Over and over in her mind
As she matures...
Life dances in her head
Taking her where? She does not know...
Filled with expectations,
Life's Carousel grinds forward…
Nothing but the ride,
Nothing but time, she thinks,
Yes, time, endless time.
She dreams of riding theCarousel forever...
The ponies of all colors.
Tightly she holds the reigns
Riding to the top,
She sees the 'gold ring'
Gleaming in the light.
With a swoop,
The pony rises
And the gold ring is hers.
Glorious was the ride!
She wouldn't have missed it…
The music, the circle of life,
And reward at the end.
Her life was the ride!
She had the thrill of all rides
The rush of life
Filled her veins,
Her very soul...
When it ended, she wanted more!
Life is magical, a musical ride.
A ride to be remembered,
To be cherished
As one reaches for the 'gold ring',
And finds their reward in Heaven.

By B.C. Pike


Paul - leeds daily photo said...

I love these rides from our childhood. I have never seen one with animals other than horses though.

Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, yes, I still love them. And the older the better - the decorations were so ornate. Lovely.

Daryl said...

Thank you for the visit and those thoughtful words ...

This is an amazing photo and the poem hit me in just the right spot

Barb said...

Nancy,love this photo takes me back to childhood but I don't think I appreciated "the ride" until adulthood because you don't see these around much anymore.We have one at our zoo that's been restored and I love it.Have a blessed day....Barb

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Carousels are such fun!