I love to watch these sign flippers and this one in particular. I've signed up for the Breast Cancer 3 day for my second year! I did it alone in 2008 but this year, I have a team of three - all walking in honor of my Aunt who is a Breast Cancer survivor.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. 60 miles - 3 days.


Jacob said...

Good for you! My wife's run in several 5Ks for the Komen organization. I remember one very cold run in Palm Beach, Florida a few years ago.

Barb said...

that's great,I always do our local Komen event,I have had a noncancerous lump removed but waiting for the results was hell,one of my good friends is a 13 year breast cancer survivor so this is a very important charity in my life....Barb

~Cheryl said...

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Bergson said...

i like this sign