I want to boogie!

I saw this young man comprising whether or not to get back into the cold water and catch one last wave before the sun set. Ah to be young again! I have a few boogie boards in my garage just waiting for me to ride. I can't wait! I am determined to use them this summer - when the water warms up a bit!

How to Boogie Board

1) Buy a boogie board. You will want a boogie board with a strap to wrap around your wrist so you don't lose it. Depending on your height, for the best results, your board should come down to about where your knees are when the top is level to your head (the smaller the boogieboard the more you will be able to turn though).

2) Get up to your waist in water. You will want to be in water where there are waves. Getting yourself in water where there is no waves will make it impossible to use your boogie board.
Be ready with your board laying flat on your belly, with your hands a couple inches down on the side and from the top, your shoulders parallel to your hands, and your elbows bent and resting close to the outer edge.

3) Right before the wave crashes, push off the ground (if you choose to stand in the water), and start kicking rapidly with your feet and you can use your hands as well.

Hold on tight!!


Babooshka said...

Well I learnt something new as well as seeing a gorgeous image.

RuneK said...

A lovely photo! Thanks for comment on my photo :)

Bergson said...

superbe photo!!
Je m'inscris pour le cours de demain
superb photo! I register for the course tomorrow

Barb said...

that sounds fun....Barb

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

I love to boogie board. I have done so at Pacific Beach many times. The water is cold though. I now try to go to the Pacific Beach in Costa Rica to boogie board as the water is warmer and there are also great waves. San Diego though is only about 5.5 hours from my house so you guys are much closer! Thanks for stopping my by site. You have some great photos.

Lois said...

That sounds like fun if I was a little younger!

John said...

Nicely composed image.
Thanks for a great lesson.